Welcome to the world of international and intercultural management.

Welcome to the world of C2NM company2newmarket® LLC.

C2NM is a leading consulting, training, publication and IT development firm specializing in the field of international and intercultural management.

C2NM offers services from the development of international strategies and global market research  to  market entries, turnarounds and market exits as well as intercultural trainings and seminars.

C2NM has clients from small and medium-sized enterprises, multi-nationals, non-governmental and non-profit-organisations to government agencies.

c2nm supports your organization to acquire NEW customers in NEW foreign markets in LESS time, with FEWER resources, and at LOWER risk.

C2NM and its partners have more than twenty years of experience in all major global markets and industries.

Let internationalisation become your competitive advantage. We will succeed with you.




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